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LONDON nike dynasty hi uk , July 31 (Xinhua) -- England's eight biggest provincial cities joined forces on Thursday to call on British Chancellor George Osborne and the British government to grant them freedom from central to control their own destinies.

The eight cities and their surrounding city regions cover a population of 16 million and generate 27 percent of the Britain's economy.

Handing over local powers and freedoms will deliver 1.16 million new jobs and add 222 billion pounds (375 billion U.S. dollars) to the national economy by 2030, they say in a joint plea to the British government.

That level of growth, they say, is equivalent to the economy of the whole of Denmark.

"Unlike other countries, our (English) cities only control about five percent of the total tax raised in them. Tax retained at the local or regional level is 10 times that in Canada, 7.5 in the U.S., six in Germany and five times that across the OECD on average nike pg 2 uk ," they argue in their communique, also delivered to Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the Shadow Chancellor, Labour's Ed Balls.

The eight - Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool nike air humara uk , Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield - today announce the establishment of a 'Cities for Business Partnership', aimed at creating jobs and investment outside London and the South East of England. Joining the leaders of the eight cities in the partnership are the chairs of the eight sub-regional enterprise partnerships in each of the city regions.

Their communique to the Chancellor calls for new powers and freedoms to create jobs, growth and investment across England's biggest cities. They also want more taxes raised locally to be handed back to the regions.

In their Joint Statement the eight cities urge the national government to: "Join with us in a shared vision for a different urban future, one of stronger growth, more jobs nike grandstand ii uk , more investment, with England's cities able to compete on a level playing field abroad."

"Work with us to rebalance the national economy through a new relationship based on trust and empowerment, freeing city and business leaders to create the jobs and growth that both our local economies and the country needs."

It said :"We all know that London needs to succeed, but we also need to do more to unlock the economic potential of other cities. Devolution is happening for Scotland and Wales. It's time for more devolution directly to cities, economic powerhouses who together deliver far more for our economy."

"Instead of cities bidding against each other, we must do more to empower democratic and business leaders to work together, to take on the international competition."

"Government has challenged us to create growth. We ask that Government supports us with the right tools to do the job and we will take the responsibility nike hyperadapt 1.0 uk , get on and deliver private sector growth, stronger visitor economies and the key industry jobs to go with them."

The eight English cities want Britain's three big political parties - Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats - to make commitments to the demands in their manifestos ahead of next year's British general election.

One of the city leaders, Liverpool's Mayor Joe Anderson said on Thursday: "We desperately need greater freedom to control our own destiny. I know my city far better than anyone in Whitehall and if Liverpool was able to retain more of the taxes it raises we could use them to generate the right skills to enable people to get jobs, attract more investment and give more support to business. At the moment 95 percent of taxes raised in Liverpool are sent to Government when cities in Germany, Sweden, Canada and the U.S. keep up to 10 times more. We need more decentralisation if we are to compete globally." (1 pound = 1.69 U.S. dollars)

BEIJING nike air more money uk , July 3 (Xinhua) -- Confessions made by 45 Japanese war criminals tried and convicted by military tribunals in China after World War II (WWII) will be published online from Thursday.

Handwritten confessions, along with Chinese translations and abstracts in both Chinese and English, will be published on the website of the State Archives Administration, said the administration's deputy director Li Minghua at a press conference on Thursday.

The administration will publish the confessions by one each day over a 45-day period.

"These archives are hard evidence of the heinous crimes committed by Japanese imperialism against the Chinese," Li said.

"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, disregarding historical justice and human conscience, has been openly talking black into white nike zoom vaporfly uk , misleading the public, and beautifying Japanese aggression and its colonial history since he took office," Li told reporters.

"This challenges WWII achievements and the post-WWII international order.

"The administration has made these documents available online before the 77th anniversary of the July 7 incident to remember history, take history as a mirror, cherish peace... and prevent the replay of such a historical tragedy," Li added.

The July 7 incident, or the Lugouqiao Incident nike odyssey react womens uk , in 1937 marked the beginning of China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, which lasted eight years.

A 38-page confession by Suzuki Keiku, who served as assistant commander of the 28th Infantry Regiment and later as lieutenant general and commander of the 117th Division in the Japanese army, was the first to be published.

He ordered Colonel Taisuke to "burn down the houses of about 800 households and slaughter 1,000 Chinese peasants in a mop-up operation" in the Tangshan area in January 1942. He "murdered 1,280 peasants in Daizhuang Village, Panjia nike odyssey react mens uk , Luanxian County by shooting, bayoneting, slashing and burying them alive, and burned down the houses of all 800 households in the village" in October 1942. He also "ordered to set up comfort stations in regio

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