The wind is elegant and fre

The wind is elegant and free and unrestrained. The wind proves existence by action, wins awe by retreating, and sings for generations. wind is blowing the flag of the wine, which is the "Shui Cun Shan Guo wine flag wind"; the wind blows off the dead leaves and becomes "the three leaves of the autumn leaves"; the wind smashes through the grasslands, and looks at the "wind blowing grass and low cattle and sheep"; Bamboo forest, it is "into the bamboo Wanxi oblique"; the wind passes through the river, sings "cross the river thousands of feet, all generations of poets love the wind, love it, "the wind is not raining, do not have to return", love it, "Peach blossom is still laughing at the spring breeze" optimism, love it "North wind blowing wild snow" Desolation, love it" The joy of spring breeze feeding into the Tusu.refore, in spring, there is a matchless godpiece of "the face is not cold and the willow wind". In summer, there is a famous article of "the wind and the wind blows away from the wind". In autumn, there is a "wandaijia" in the "wind blowing a night full of mountains", and winter has " The north wind sings the white grass. bleak night, Li Wei supported the cold railing and looked at the "carved jade" that no longer served his own ball. He sighed: "When is the spring and autumn moon..." Yes, the sentence "The small building last night and the east wind "The country is unbearable to return to the first month of the Ming Dynasty" contains how much grief! Li Yu��s poems are as desolate as the autumn wind!e warm spring breeze Cheap Newport Regular Online, He Zhizhang stood on the long embankment, looking at the wicker and the spring breeze, and smashed out "the jasper makeup became a tree high, and the 10,000 pieces hang down..." The sentence "I don't know who the fine leaves are cut out, the spring breeze looks like scissors "How much joy is revealed!" The poems of He Zhizhang are as lively as the spring breezeis poetry in the wind, which attracts the attention of the world; if there is wind in the poem, it will not be so monotonous. This is the wind and poetry. In my childhood dreams, there are many interesting things, like the shells on the beach, you can't finish it; like the stars in the sky, the number is countless, but what I still remember is the crooked stream.e the river and love her clarity. Because it has a pure heart, she dedicated everything to us. On a sunny day, the birds are singing, the breeze is blowing, the river ripples, the sun shines on it, the waves are shining, it is very charming. On a rainy day, the rain that is as fine as a cow's hair is gently sprinkled down and floats in the river. It is beautiful! the river and love them simple. The river has no beautiful clothes, no gorgeous appearance, white clouds are her veil Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, flowers and plants are her pleated skirts. Although she does not have the charm of the West Lake, there is no paddle sound of Xuanwu Lake, and there is no magnificence of Dongting Lake, but she has trees to accompany her, flowers dance, she is a natural painting. the river and love her excitement. In the summer, the sun shines high and the ground is like a big steamer. Knowing the non-stop call, the puppy sticks out his tongue and gasps, but the river gives me cool. At noon, people came to the river and took the river wind and enjoyed the river wind. Our children all put on their bathing suits and jumped into the river to swim Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. After a while, I went to a Raptors to dive. I disappeared from the crowd, and there was a joyful laughter from time to time on the river. Some women have insoles, and some simply lift the table into the shade of the trees to play mahjong. Old people, let��s take a smoky smoke and chat about this year��s farming. In the winter, there was thick ice on the lake. Under the leadership of the adults, we skated on the ice Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, and the whole river was filled with joyful laughter Buy Expensive Cigarettes, the river. Your clarity, your simplicity, your excitement, will always flow in the river of my memory.

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