HAVANA, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Cuba's energy development program is based on independence, the supply of electricity and security, the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) said here on Thursday.

""In Cuba, energy efficiency is the priority,"" said Rosell Guerra, MEM's director of renewable energy, at the start of the First Summit for Energy Investment in Cuba, being held in Havana with entrepreneurs from 11 foreign countries.

Guerra highlighted to participants the island's wind and solar power potential, saying that the country was hoping to install over 2,100MW in renewable energy projects in the coming years.

The government has a plan to ensure 24 percent of its electricity generation comes from renewable sources by 2030, up from around 4 percent today, according to the official.

At the two-day event, Cuba will reveal investment possibilities in the sector to experts and potential investors from Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK and the Czech Republic.

In terms of hydrocarbons, Cuba produces around 4 million tons of oil and gas a year. This only covers half of Cuba's domestic demand, with its ally, Venezuela, providing the rest in crude oil at subsidized prices.

" Benefits Of Hiring Caulking Services Delaware December 12 LeSean McCoy Womens Jersey , 2016 | Author: Ryan King | Posted in Business

Caulking refers to the process of sealing glass and tiles in a fixed position so as to prevent them from breaking or getting damaged whenever they are disturbed. Commercial Caulking Services Delaware involves careful placement of glass on slots and sealing it over in order to ensure that it does not slide out. This is done on anything from shower screens to kitchen splash backs. If caulking is not done, things are likely to fall apart.

Through caulk, outdoor elements can be kept outside. Though this may seem apparent, you will come to realize on the importance of caulking when your window begins to leak due to poor caulking that had been initially done. Moisture creeping along the walls may lead to rot and warping. Consequently, a home owner incurs high costs during repairs. By putting caulk around the windows, you will be able to keep your house in a healthy status as well as save money.

Reduced energy costs. Poor caulking is causes similar issues to those of poor insulation. When you have a leaky window or door, you will have to keep pressing the buttons of your AC in a bid to regulate the desired temperatures. This will result in high costs in the long run. This can be solved by a proper caulk around your doors and windows.

Termites and other insects find their way into rooms through tine holes and cracks. This happens mostly around windows or doors; where caulking has been done poorly. With a good caulk, insects will have no place to hide within the cracks. This will help keep your house free of harmful insects.

A good caulk will help in safeguarding your investment from external intrusions, spread of mold, water and insects. It also helps in making paintings have a prolonged life. Use of appropriate products is essential if you want assurance of ideal results. Getting a good contractor to do the caulking services for you will be a good option since he has the required experience and products to carry out the work.

In the City Newark, DE, the professional contractors put into account every detail regardless of its magnitude. They also have the knowledge on what will fit the needs of a client, and they are up-to-date on the latest products in the market. This makes them capable of providing their clients with quality products that will last longer. Low quality products are susceptible to harsh conditions making them lose moisture or discolor.

A good contractor is able to provide you with the best tips. While it is impossible for anyone to predict what the future holds, it is still sensible to take advice from a professional contractor who may recommend that you caulk during low humidity. A contractor is well informed on all factors that are capable of loosening glasses and tiles and the measures to take to ensure they remain intact for long.

Qualified contractors will always consider using appropriate tools that will get the job done. They plan adequately, and this is what makes their work successful. Great contractors are always proud of their job, and they handle it diligently and professionally.

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BERLIN, July 31 (Xinhua) -- The German federal prosecutor has taken charge of the investigation into the Hamburg knife attacker Ahmad A "because of the special importance of the case," the Karlsruhe-based government agency declared Monday.

A police investigation into the matter is already underway. A speaker told press that there were many witnesses who remained to be questioned and confirmed that the attacker had asked to be treated like a terrorist upon his arrest.

The 26-year-old appeared to have radicalized himself rather than belonging to organizations such as the Islamic State, according to German federal prosecutor.

There was no indication that other individuals were involved. Ahmad A. reportedly decided to carry out the attack "on the day of the deed."

On Friday, he suddenly took a 20-centimeter long knife out of its packaging at a Hamburg grocery store and began randomly stabbing shoppers. Ahmad A. killed a 50-year-old man and injured seven people in the process before being overwhelmed by a crowd of civilians. According to reports, the attacker had already left the supermarket before deciding to return and carry out the attack.

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