Creating a comprehensive wedding registry well in advance of your wedding is essential. This is as much for giving you breathing space as to give your guests a chance to browse and select without having to rush through the process at the last minute. You can have multiple bridal registries for the different kitchenware or home items you need. You can also create additional Nikola Jokic Womens Jersey , special wedding registries like gift cards, charity donations, and more. Here are some tips for the busy bride:

Kitchenware Wedding Registry
A highly practical wedding registry is the kitchenware registry. You can list items needed to create a well-equipped kitchen Gary Harris Womens Jersey , including coffee makers, food processors, toasters Paul Millsap Womens Jersey , blenders, cookware, silverware Wilson Chandler Jersey , and glassware. This list with its practical gifts like dishware and utensils can help you create a functional kitchen.

Home D锟絚or and Home Furnishings Wedding Registry
If you already have a well-furnished kitchen, you can opt for a registry that lists home d锟絚or and household furnishing items like rugs, tablecloths Nikola Jokic Jersey , curtains, towels, duvet sets Gary Harris Jersey , lamps and lighting, and other decorative items.

Honeymoon Wedding Registry
A honeymoon wedding registry can help you cover the expenses for the various outdoor activities on your holiday, including dining out Paul Millsap Jersey , scuba-diving and other adventure sports, and also portions of the airfare and hotel stay.

Charity Wedding Registry
This type of wedding registry lets your guests give donations to the various charities listed by you. You can select a number of charitable causes to give your guests more options. This type of registry is a great way of funding various charities.

Gift Cards Wedding Registry
The gift cards registry is a practical way of letting you buy the items you want, at a later period. Your guests can buy you gift cards for various stores that you can use to shop later. You can use the gift cards to purchase various items like kitchenware Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys , outdoor gear, clothes, jewelry and more.

Plan carefully for your wedding registry and give your marriage a great start.

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by Osama Radi, Emad Drimly, Saud Abu Ramadan

GAZARAMALLAH, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Friday's overwhelming vote in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in favor of a resolution that condemns Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories was a great victory for the Palestinian diplomacy, according to analysts.

They believe that the new 2334 resolution, which gained 14 votes in favor and one sustained, during a UNSC special session held in New York, would encourage the Palestinians to go for another step forward to sue Israel at international courts and agencies.

The voting on the resolution was made upon the request of four member states; Venezuela, Senegal, Malaysia and New Zealand, just 24 hours after Egypt, which leads the Arabs group, suddenly decided to withdraw an anti-settlement resolution it intended to submit to the UN Security Council on Thursday.

"The vote in favor of the resolution is a victory to the Palestinian diplomatic policy and to the policy of President Mahmoud Abbas," said Nabil Abu Rdeinah, Palestinian presidential spokesperson, adding that "It empowers the vision of the two-state solution and condemns all the measures that Israel has introduced on the Palestinian lands."

Ahmed Rafiq Awad, the Ramallah-based political analyst and writer, told Xinhua that there is no doubt that the resolution "was a great diplomatic victory for the Palestinians, and was made amid a severe imbalance of power with Israel that has been going on for several years.

"The resolution is considered a historic victory for the Palestinians because it came after 37 years since the last resolution has been made by the UNSC against the Israeli settlement," said Awad, adding "the resolution also called on Israel to necessarily halt settlement."

The analyst also said that the overwhelming vote in the UNSC "means a lot for the Palestinians, because they don't have the proper tools for confronting settlements, but only through international agencies."

He said the Palestinians have wagered a lot on presenting the anti-settlement bit to the UNSC before current U.S. President Barack Obama leaves the White House. "I believe the Palestinians succeeded in this issue," he said.

The Israeli settlement construction is one of the major thorny issues in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and it was the main reason for halting the U.S.-sponsored peace negotiations that went on for nine months and stopped in April 2014.

Hani el-Masri, the Ramallah-based political analyst, told Xinhua the vote in favor of the resolution and the fact that the United States didn't veto it "indicates that the Palestinian cause is a just cause," adding "the resolution is politically and legally important, and the Palestinians can develop its future strategy on it."

"The Palestinian future strategy must depend on various angels based on changing the track of struggle," said al-Masri, adding "the Palestinian struggle should also continue with all means against settlement."

The Palestinians had repeatedly asserted that the current Israeli settlement activities would undermine the U.S.-backed two-state vision and make it useless. They also declared that the ongoing settlement would.

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