The Patriots odds of coming last in the AFC

 East are hilariously small The oddsmaker created prop bets for the exact finishing position in their division for each NFL team and they view the New England Patriots to be in a unique situation- that it’s almost impossible for Bill Belichick and company to come in last place in the AFC East.The Patriots have the best odds at winning their division (-600; 85.7%) of any team in the league. Only three other teams are given 50%+ odds of winning their divisions: The Pittsburgh Steelers (-200; 66.7%); the Los Angeles Rams (-175; 63.6%); and the Philadelphia Eagles (-150; 60%). Only three other teams have 50%+ odds of finishing in a specific position in their division and they’re all cellar dwellers projected to come in last place: the Chicago Bears (-120; 54.5%); the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-200; 66.7%); and the Arizona Cardinals (-250; 71.4%).Meanwhile , the Patriots are given a 0.2% chance (+50,000) of coming in fourth place in their division, easily the smallest odds in the entire league. Something cataclysmic would have to occur for this to happen and it would involve all of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Rob Gronkowski being found guilty of cutting the grass at Gillette 1/8th shorter than regulation (but ignoring the fact that it’s turf).The team with the next-longest odds? That’s also the Patriots, with a 4.8% chance (+2 Shaq Mason Jersey ,000) of coming in third place. Basically the Patriots have a 5% chance of coming in third or fourth place, which is laughably small when you consider how much the league has tried to level the playing field and increase competition.In fairness and to add context, the Rams are given the same 4.8% chance (+2,000) of coming in last place for their division, but they have a 12.5% chance (+700) of coming in third place. So while the Patriots have a 95% chance of finishing in the top two of their division, the next-best team has a “mere” 82.7% chance.Death Authentic Kyle Van Noy Jersey , taxes, and the Patriots winning the AFC East. The machine rolls onward.With Julian Edelman returning to the Patriots, Chris Hogan should return back to form This season hasn’t been too kind to Chris Hogan as he has racked up just eight catches for 109 yards through the first quarter of the year. He also registered two touchdowns: he picked up his first of the season in week two in Jacksonville, burning Jalen Ramsey in the red zone on a post route, and then scored a garbage time touchdown later in the game.Hogan was poised to have a much bigger role in the offense and solidify the number one wide receiver role with Julian Edelman having been sidelined for the first four games and the Patriots being limited at the receiver position during his suspension. That didn't work out as planned, though.Hogan was kept in check through four weeks Cheap Jonathan Jones Jersey , seemingly unable to get behind defenses. We all know Hogan is kind of that sneaky type of receiver who can usually do just that and make big, clutch plays with his legs and hands.Enter Julian Edelman.With Edelman back and solidifying the slot role alongside Dorsett, Hogan should be lined up on the outside again, across from Josh Gordon – getting back to his normal role as a number three receiver who can string some big plays together with the likes of Rob Gronkowski, Edelman and Gordon getting most of the coverage attention and safety help over the top.If Chris Hogan can return to the form he is capable of and guys like Edelman, Gronkowski and Gordon playing to what they are capable of Cheap Devin McCourty Jersey , the Patriots offense can absolutely be one of the most dominant in the league once again.

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