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Basketball the ever popular sport came into being in 1891. Designed by Dr. James Naismith , the game of basketball keeps players fit and can be played indoors when weather prevents outdoor sports.

A popular sport in schools and college basketball is now played professionally and the NBAs are popular world wide. The game is fast and vigorous and involves shooting, passing and dribbling. The game of basketball is regulated by rules with no disruptive physical contact and violations applicable to ball handling.

Players train hard throughout the year and teams plan strategies so that they can win competitions. Here are a few insights that can make you a winning player:

1. Run like the wind. Outrunning your opponent will give you an edge. So practice being quick on your feet and get a few moves that will guarantee you fast breaks.

2. Passing is the key. Learn to pick up a ball mid-dribble and pass it in a fluid movement to an open perimeter player.

3. Keep you mind on the game and learn how to vision movements on the court even before they happen. This will enable you to get ahead and pas sthe ball to open teammates.

4. Conditioning is important. Introduce basic conditioning drills to get in shape and keep in shape. Adopt weight training and exercises like lunges.

5. Keep an eye on nutritional aspects of the sport. To be in top condition you need to eat the right foods and regulate water and fluid intake. Avoid colas and coffee and drinks plenty of water and eat foods that provide balanced nutrition and minerals and vitamins.

6. Improve basketball performance by using age-old proven techniques like focus and mind training. Learn how to keep in control and think ahead.

7. Offense and defense are important. According to the gurus while offense can win games it is defense that will win your team a championship. So create a team that has strengths in both offense and defense.

8. Ball handling skills need to be perfect at all times. Dribble the ball through the day and practice different moves including the time-tested figure eight. Learn how to control the ball between right and left hand.

9. Learn all winning defense moves. Watch your opponent and try and b between him and the ball at all times. Learn how to move even before he moves.

10. Be a learner. Study the basket ball court, its physics , and layout. So basketball conditioning four squares. This will intensify your training level.

Basketball is not just about shooting hoops. It is a game of strategy and sports management. Planning, training, and commitment make a winning team. So be a learned sportsman and study the game. Read the history , plays of winning teams and great players. Become an encyclopedia of the game and know what to do at every stage of a game. Lead the team well and be a team player share your ideas and expertise.

Bench presses can be used with barbells, dumbbells, power racks , smith machines or on their own, the weights bench is the core of any exercise program working out your triceps and chest at the same time. The bench press is one of the three lifts in the sport of powerlifting and is used extensively in weight training, bodybuilding and other types of fitness training to develop the chest.

A barbell bench press' starting position is to be lying on a bench , with the shoulder blades pinched together to avoid recruiting the anterior deltoid during the lift. A barbell bench press' starting position is to be lying on a bench, with the shoulder blades pinched together to avoid recruiting the anterior deltoid during the lift. The Bench Press is the strength training exercise that lets you lift the most weight using your upper-body muscles.

Although many powerlifters have achieved a 500 lb bench press you won't be using any special powerlifting equipment such as bands and chains. The bench press can be used to evaluate an athlete's upper body strength. For years now strength trainers have used bench press negatives to help athletes beat bench press plateaus, increase their bench press and gain strength in the chest , shoulder and tricep muscles. It is a thoughtful precision technique coupled with drilling on the mechanics of the bench press that have allowed them to set the standard for 21st- century championship bench pressing.

Free weight bench presses will help you increase natural body movement compared to a bench that is attached to a multi gym, where the movement is controlled by the machine. When bench pressing, it's extremely important that the weight is controlled by the lifter for the duration of the repetition. Even in my late 40s I can still bench press more than 185 , yet I have become almost tree like in terms of speed.

Weight Increases

The incline-version shifts some of the stress from the pectorals to the anterior deltoids and gives a greater stimulus to the upper pectorals, whereas the decline allows more weight to be lifted while using nearly the same musculature as the traditional bench press. The bench press's pre-eminent position in American weightlifting culture has come only in the past few decades.

Without bouncing the weight off your chest, drive the barbell up over the middle of your chest until your arms are straight and your elbows are locked. Bench presses can be used with barbells , dumbbells, power racks, smith machines or on their own , the weights bench is the core of any exercise program working out your triceps and chest at the same time.

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