The fabric that has risen to the top in hat making


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Because the cowboy hat has not really been around that long there was a time in the development of the western US before the cowboy hat arrived. In that time the ranchers and the cowboys of the time wore hats that were really leftovers for past lives. Some symbolized lifestyles and some occupations or countries of birth. With the cowboy hats invention that all changed.

After the cowboy hat was popularized it was known everywhere but there were still enough differences in the styles of the hat to make is a sort of marker for where the wearer may be from or at the least where he got his hat.

You may have heard the phrase function before form and in the case of the cowboy hat it really has both. Initially the hat was all about function but over time it has moved more and more into the fashion arena and toward a socially symbolic icon.

If you were to place a cowboy hat invented in 1985 by John Stetson side by side with a hat of today you would be able to tell very little difference. He sold those first hats in Central City Colorado and even though people often refer to cowboy hats a Stetsons what they are vocalizing is the brand of hat and not just what kind of hat it is.

Even today the cowboy hat projects a feeling of connection with that early lifestyle of rugged independence. Couple the hat with a great pair of boots and some good looking jeans and you have a prescription for personal transformation at least until one changes clothes.

Originally cowboy hats were created to protect the wearer from the elements and weather conditions. In modern times the cowboy hat has transformed from a functional piece of equipment to a fashion statement. Some designers whole jobs involve the design of fashion cowboy hats for the pretend cowboy market.

The fabric that has risen to the top in hat making is felt as it tends to outshine every other in terms of durability and comfort. The smooth texture, light weight and moisture resistant character make it the perfect material for cowboy hats. Mens hats have tended to stay in the traditional colors of brown [url=]cheap nike air force 270 black white[/url] , grey and black, the most popular of which is grey. While womens lean toward more color variety.

Many of you may have seen Xs on the inside band of a cowboy hat and originally this was to signify the quality of the hat and the comparative content of beaver in it. Today beaver is normally not used to make hats and the Xs have become very subjective as each manufacturer sets their own standards for the marking system. A person is not able to compare between brands just by comparing Xs.

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