Fundamentally, it is still the steel supply and demand imbalance that caused the steel price to fall. The rebalancing of supply and demand in the market is the basic condition for the price to stabilize. However, the current steel enterprises' profits are not bad. Great. In the first quarter, steel prices rose with factors such as credit scale, policies and investment, and steel mills' production cuts and capital market. But then with the policy change, not strong stimulation. The market is not optimistic about the market, speculation receded, the market outlook weakened. From a macro perspective, the latest economic data released in March is not bad but demand is still sluggish. With the growth of crude steel output and a record high, the contradiction between supply and demand has intensified the downward trend of steel prices. It is understood that the operating rate of domestic steel mills generally above 85%. The total inventory of steel mills continued to increase, and the pressure on mills sales also increased.2017 Venta Caliente AISI 304L Tubo De Acero Inoxidable Con Precio Barato

On the downstream demand side, on April 18, the National Bureau of Statistics released the change of residential sales prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities in March 2017. March nationwide new home prices continued to fall year on year increase, the chain rose steadily overall, but the number of cities rose by 6 more than in February. Since March, the regulation and control of the property market throughout the country intensive introduction, have limited purchase credit limit, in early April under strict control, the market rapid cooling, but follow-up in some cities rose too fast, then do not rule out the purchase policy will continue to be introduced.golden supplier 316stainless steel rod with 10mm diameter

Although the government uses very special administrative measures to control the real estate bubble risk for a short period of time, due to the formation of the past 20 years, the rally - regulation - rising - re-regulation has formed a solidified cyclical expectations, so the real estate market risk and Not far away, once the time is ripe or may be detonated. Therefore, on the issue of going to capacity, we must make good use of the market and the two systems of the rule of law, and combine the work on capacity-building with the promotion of upgrading of the industrial structure.SS316L Factory Price Stainless Steel sheet sheet

It is particularly noteworthy that the government work report put forward a further reduction of about 50 million tons of steel production capacity and 150 million tons of coal output to withdraw from, not only a number of goals and tasks, more importantly, behind the layout optimization and structural upgrading, rather than A one-size-fits-all capacity. Market decline narrowed today, and in some areas there even stopped the phenomenon, which is a positive sign. Indicating that the overall market tends to ease, business confidence is gradually restored. However, the market is about to enter the off-season in May. Steel prices will continue to decline in the short term due to the lack of demand for inventory replenishment by traders and end-users, the slowdown in the construction of downstream real-estate infrastructure and the multiple factors such as capacity-building and environmental inspection. However, Fell down space, into a narrow range of finishing shocks.aisi 410 stainless steel tube square tube making machine

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