1. The slope of the seam line that should intersect; the balance of the toe may be local or stress, and the distance of the horizontal joint must be greater than 1.5 m.
  2. The main inspection: check whether it is deep into the grassroots, solid, if there is any foreign body, there should be no proper treatment.
  3. Geotextile factory installation notes.
  4. It is also possible to use a wholesale long fibre filament needle punched geotextile cutting knife (knife hook) or scissors to cut, as a cutting part, special protective measures for other materials to be taken, due to cutting the filament geotextile to prevent unnecessary damage;
  5. The connection between the filaments and geotextiles must pay attention to the following: Under normal circumstances, there should be no horizontal connection (the connection profile should not intersect along the slope) unless the slope of the patch is used;
  6. Kinds of wholesale long fibre filament needle punched geotextile uses, such as sutures, such as or more than geotextile materials should be sutured to maintain chemically resistant UV suture material should be the same. And the filaments of the suture filaments should have a clear color and check.

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