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Indiana Pacers Tickets 芒鈧€?Switching Gears

Author: Derek Cowsert



It must seem to those fans in possession of Indiana Pacers tickets脗聽 that the wheels have truly come off of their team. This was a team that once showed great promise. It was full of All-Star players with a playoff-tested coach. This team was considered a contender in the East no more than a few short years ago. So what happened? At what point did this team of All-Stars turn into a team in the middle of rebuilding effort? When did these perennial contenders become a team that can芒鈧劉t even make the playoffs in the lowly Eastern Conference? When did it get so bad , and more importantly, what must the Pacers do to right this sinking ship?



To answer the first question is simple, at least if you ask fans who are have been buying Indiana Pacers tickets for years. The beginning of the end was the infamous brawl in Auburn Hills. There are Pacers fans who treat this incident like the Curse of the Bambino, and they legitimately feel that this event has cast a long shadow of misfortune over their team. Not even the team芒鈧劉s jettisoning of the two men most actively involved in the melee, Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest, seems to have helped matters of chemistry or team karma. This offseason, rumors are rampant that the team is seeking to get rid of their final All-Star from the team that was once a contender 芒鈧€?Jermaine O芒鈧劉Neal.



What will happen to the Pacers next year is absolutely anyone芒鈧劉s guest. They drafted well this year, but they unfortunately only had one pick in the second round, and Brandon Rush isn芒鈧劉t exactly going to set the world on fire next season in the NBA. The Pacers also traded Jermaine O芒鈧劉Neal to the Raptors for T.J. Ford. So now, the question still remains, were do the Pacers go from here?



There are no easy answers for the Pacers players, coaches, fans, or front office. This offseason may very well be filled with turmoil. However, fans can rest easy knowing that their team is indeed in good hands. This front office built a contender once, and they should be able to build another, and quickly too. The wheels are already in motion. The gears of change are turning in Indianapolis. So get out there and get some Indiana Pacers tickets for the 2008-2009 season, so you can see your new team up close.






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