nstitute said. The survey also showed that imports of

Place Papers Here is a somewhat boring phrase that needs to be posted in offices that need new organization methods. You know the ones I m referring to Sven Baertschi Canucks Jersey , with heaps of papers and various packages that in all likelihood haven t been touched for months on end. How do these people ever get anything done? There is a right spot for all things and I think that we have an innate need to return things to their place after use. I like to put away my socks in a drawer of my armoire and not in the family room. Why then is it so challenging to make use of the same discipline in the work place? Repeatedly things are misplaced, causing everyone to be thrown into a frenzy in search of that particular shipping document that was lost or buried under a ton of documents, generating an unwarranted panic!

My friends and colleagues used to dub me The Organization Cop , quite often out of ear shot. They would find it peculiar that I always was the most structured and methodical person in our unit. I had a procedure I had evolved for my office desk. I located my stationery and correspondence in a range of desk top document trays on my work top. I was able to discover what I was wanting in a minute or so. The problem with this however, was that my colleagues were forever borrowing my stationery and manuals, never returning them, creating an additional job to replenish and update my supplies. I found it awfully trying. But out of this, my colleagues taught me that being structured and methodical is not enough, you require an organizational tactic that pretty much applies to each person in the office, one that is uncomplicated and requires minimum effort to implement.

Advice of any sort is not always appreciated however. My friends would temporarily listen to me and then just continue doing what they always did. When I advised them to get themselves a group of desk top document trays and index card file boxes, they would turn away and shrug. They would perhaps chat about my eccentricity and laugh over the nickname they had doled out to me. The odd one would overtly laugh at me and offer me various semi rude comments. After some contemplation, I came to the realization that it was simply the mindset that required altering. If they could only grasp the importance of being systematic, they could in all likelihood make our daily routines much more straightforward. I needed to convey this to them without being ignored. After much thinking I came up with an idea.

I made a start at the launch of my great brainstorm idea by endeavoring to give my colleagues pairs of desk top document trays, subtly labeled Inbox and Outbox, for all manner of occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. They each started using them immediately. Also, the document trays I gave them as gifts were not just cheap, disposable plastic trays, but rather built from beautiful genuine hardwood. The deep colors and grain patterns of the oak, mahogany, walnut and cherry wooden trays was so delightful that my friends hated to bury the trays under mountains of papers and various packages. Ultimately, the desks in the office began to take on a neater and more organized appearance. The benefits of being organized were felt by all the workers and efficiency was on the upturn. I did not have to go looking for mislaid stationery anymore. Each worker had access to their own supply.

I was full of pride when our group was given the award for the best organized unit of the business that period. Each one of us was awarded an unexpected award for our productiveness!

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TAIPEI, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- The manufacturing sector in Taiwan declined slightly in September as the typhoon season reduced the number of working days, the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) said Monday.

The composite index of the island's manufacturing sector dropped 0.2 points from a month earlier to reach 11.41 points in September, showing a yellow-blue signal on the index's color-code system for the third consecutive month, according to a TIER survey.

The decline was due to a string of typhoons that cut the number of working days, as well as a drop in export and wholesale prices, the institute said.

The survey also showed that imports of manufacturing equipment increased, as semiconductor producers were in heavy demand with expanded production expected.

The institute uses a five-color system to describe the island's economic activity, with yellow-blue indicating sluggish growth, and blue,the lowest color, signalling recession. Yellow-blue is given when the index is between 10.5 to 13.

The index, which evaluates indicators such as the business environment, costs and demand, surpassed 10.5 points for the first time in July, bringing an end to 15 months of recession. Enditem

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- Liverpool midfielderPhilippe Coutinho is ready for Brazil's World Cup qualifiersagainst Ecuador and Colombia despite concerns about his fitness,his personal doctor said on Monday.

The 25-year-old has missed Liverpool's first three PremierLeague matches of the season, with the Reds blaming his absence ona back injury.

But Coutinho trained normally with the Selecao squad in thesouthern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre on Monday after a flyingvisit to Rio de Janeiro, where he was examined by his long-timedoctor and friend Michael Simoni.

Simoni said the playmaker had been affected by uncertainty abouthis future amid mounting speculation that he will joinBarcelona.

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