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MILAN Authentic Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey , Italy, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- The positive experience in China has made Marcello Lippi want to coach a team again in Italy, the Italian legendary coach told Xinhua in an interview on the sidelines of the China Awards event held here in Milan earlier this week.Lippi, 67, received the special Golden Lion award at the 10th edition of the China Awards charity dinner, held in the Italian business capital in the presence of distinguished guests, for his great contribution and active participation in the relations with China."I did enjoy very much the time that I spent in China," Lippi told Xinhua."The three years that I spent in China were fantastic, not only because of the sporting victories but also for the human relations that I built with my city and with the whole of China," he added.Last February the World Cup-winning coach resigned as the coach and the technical director of Chinese Super League (CSL) champions Guangzhou Evergrande, citing health and family considerations.Under Lippi's guidance, Evergrande claimed the Chinese top-flight league in 2012, 2013 and 2014, won the CFA Cup in 2012, and made the history by taking the AFC Champions League title for the first time in 2013.Lippi said he felt very welcome by China. "I perceived great estimation and respect in every place that I visited in China," he went on saying.Lippi told Xinhua that when he was in China, he often happened to talk with the industry experts about the development of football in the Asian country."I always told them that in order to push the progress of football in China, it is certainly important to acquire good players and coaches from all over the world, but it is more important to lay the foundations for a development of the youth sector," he pointed out.In his address to the China Awards awarding ceremony, Lippi added that he will travel to China in the next days for some cultural meetings, also with the local students.He said that after coming back to Italy from China, he realized that he was not tired of being a coach, but was still enjoying the job, thus was now eyeing opportunities to take charge of a team.In fact, Lippi also explained to a public of local authorities and company representatives, he resigned his post in China not because he was tired of the job, but as he was feeling too far away from his family and home."If it had not been for this reason, I would have continued very gladly with that experience in China," he highlighted.The China Awards is a ceremony organized by the Italy China Foundation and daily business newspaper MF Milano Finanza to praise and encourage the Italian and Chinese companies and personalities that have best seized the opportunities of the two markets and contributed to enhance mutual knowledge and friendship.Cheerleading is a sport where cheerleaders perform for the moral boosting of the players. In every game, tension always prevails in the minds of players. To remove the tension cheer dances are performed. It includes various Gymnastics and Tumbling Dances performed by various cheerleading associations. Cheerleaders are also a major reason and force of attraction for getting additional crowds during sports celebrations. If some good groups perform with smart dresses then it can attract many people. More the people come to see more the money sports associations will earn.So various cheerleading groups are called for church functions, parties or games. What the important thing is, the charm and glamour of their dresses. Smart the dress of the cheerleading more people will come to see. Dress in general also plays important role in defining the person?s identity. So cheerleading is no exception. It is the dress of the cheerleaders, which actually tells about the group. More attractive and nice dresses they wear, more charming and glamorous cheerleaders will look. Then it is an additional advantage in their performance. Even the crowd will be able to recognize them fast by their dress.Dresses helps in recalling the cheerleading groups and their performance. So in near future if required they can be called for performing. Dress helps in making identity and gives long lasting impression. However, dress of cheerleaders varies from functions to functions. Like for sports skinny outfits are good, for party?s colourful dress and for church sincere dress with white colour is suitable.Whatever dress cheerleaders wear, they should look charming and glamorous. People remember stars due to their nice dresses. For that, dress of cheerleaders is also important. These dresses include matching socks, skirts, shoes, ribbons, bows pompoms and other accessories. Cheerleading is the game of revealing joy and happiness and their dresses should be charming to solve this purpose, but at the same time it should be decent and according to the environment in which they are performed. Only that dress is considered good, which is beautiful, and the person who is wearing should look charming and decent. Therefore, the important aspects of cheerleading dresses are style, attractive designs and suitable colors for the event as well as the decency in their looks.SYDNEY, Feb.4 (Xinhua) -- The Commonwealth Bank of Australia ( CBA) is the first of Australia's big four banks to pass on the central bank's interest rate cut to home loan customers.The Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates by 0.25 percent on Tuesday, down to a record low of 2.25 percent in a bid to boost the nation's slowing economy.CBA said in a statement that it will reduce its standard variable rate by 0.25 percent from February 20. Its three-year and five-year fixed rate products will also be reduced by 0.25 percent and 0.30 percent respectively.The new standard variable rate of 5.65 percent is the lowest in five years.The move will increase pressure on the other big. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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