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How long does it last?

How Long Does It Last?
The length of relief depends a few factors:
How long the pain has been present
Types of current activities (exercise, stretching, and what type of work you do for a living)
Any structural dysfunction present (bone spurs, bulg
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How does trigger point therapy work?

How Does Trigger Point Therapy Work?

Once pressure is applied to trigger point it induces a neuromuscular reflex, the same kind of reflex you would have if you stepped on something sharp or touched something hot, your body will jerk away from it. T

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What is a trigger point?

What is a Trigger Point? 
A trigger point is the center point of tensity in a muscle band. It radiates pain into other areas of the body. Each trigger point has a unique referral pattern. There are two types of trigger point, active and satellite.
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What To Expect?

What To Expect?
Each treatment will begin with an in-depth one-to-one assessment of your daily activities, stress levels, pain patterns, and posture. We will create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs, including stretches, ergonomi
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HEALING INTUITION is a respected Neuromuscular Massage Therapy clinic headquartered in Denver, Colorado.  Our current office, and treatment center, is conveniently located on the SW corner of 6th and Wadsworth, in Lakewood, Colorado.


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