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DUBAI Pharoh Cooper Jersey , Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Riad Kahwaji, the chief executive at Institute of Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA), said here on Monday the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is highly regarded in terms of economic prosperity, governance, and defense strategy among the Arab states.

In an e-mailed essay on the occasion of the UAE's 43rd National Day on Tuesday John Kelly Jersey , Kahwaji said the scale of growth in the size of its cities and the pace of construction were unmatched in the region.

Since its foundation in 1971, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) has increased to an estimated 405 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, according to the UAE Ministry of Economy.

The Gulf Arab state, a major oil supplier, has started early to diversify and open up its economy to foreign trade and investments. Around 17 percent of the UAE's GDP comes from oil while about 85 percent of the 8.8 million UAE residents are foreigners.

Aware of threats surrounding them in the unstable Middle East John Franklin-Myers Jersey , "the UAE leaders have worked on building national defense against the spectrum of threats to ensure an effective and robust deterrence against hostile forces across the region," Kahwaji said.

The Meaning Behind The Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Powerful, magical and mysterious are some of the words tha people use to describe the mythical dragons. Today, the dragon is also known as a popular fashion statement because it has become a mainstream tattoo designs. And one of the most popular type of dragon tattoos are the tribal dragon tattoos.

As the name suggest, it is a 鈥渕ix鈥?of the tribal tattoo and the dragon tattoo. The tribal dragon tattoos has gradually evolve into different shapes Brian Allen Jersey , sizes, patterns and colors and is one of the most popular tattoo designs across different cultures today!

A Brief History Of The Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The term 鈥榙ragon鈥?came from the Greek word drakon. In Greek, drakon means serpent or snakes. Although the term dragon came from Greece, dragons are found in myths or stories in many different parts of the world.

For example, the Chinese believe that the dragon is an intelligent creature and in the Chinese culture Joseph Noteboom Jersey , the dragon is a serpent like creature with no wings. Whereas in the western world, the dragons are lizard like creatures that can be either evil or good. These mystical creatures are often the aid of a hero of an evil villain in wars.

The Meaning Behind The Mystical Dragon And Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The dragons can be found in many folklore and myths all across the world. And generally, the dragon can be classified into three main types, namely the Eastern, Western and oriental dragons. The tribal dragon tattoos designs are largely based and drawn according to the dragons of these three particular cultures. And in different cultures Jamon Brown Rams Jersey , the dragons symbolizes different things. Here are a few meanings of the dragons:

Creator Of The World 鈥?In some cultures, they believe that the dragons are the creator of the world. They believe that the dragon shapes the world and some even believe that human beings are creation of the dragons. However, some cultures also believe that the dragon is the guardians of the world and in other cases, they are the destroyer of earth.

Protectors 鈥?In Scandinavian myth, the dragons are often associated to death and these mythical creatures are protectors to the graves and souls. And they are believe to possess power to control the four elements of earth Rob Havenstein Rams Jersey , wind, water and fire.

Death And Destructions 鈥?In some parts of the western world, the dragons are associated to evil and destructions. The dragons are creatures that breaths fires and burn down houses, castles and causing deaths. They also believe that the dragons are greedy creatures that steal treasures and captures beautiful maidens.

Fortune And Security 鈥?In the eastern mythology, the dragons are written as creatures that are kind hearted and gentle. They are believed to be a symbol of good luck and security.

These are the different meanings that a dragon carries. Today Tyler Higbee Rams Jersey , the tribal dragon tattoos are more of a fashion statement than anything else. There are literally thousands of tribal dragon tattoos designs today that you can choose from. However, pick only the designs that you are satisfied with and not just any designs because it is popular! Good luck in your search!

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Searching for Tribal Dragon Tattoos online? you can check out this blog on Tribal Dragon Tattoos to learn more tips on how to search for the perfect tattoo designs online!

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Think. Feel. Drive.

Sound familiar to you? These are the words that make up the slogan campaign of the Japanese auto manufacturer Subaru. Though the company is relatively small in size compared to its other competitors, Subaru generates quite enough of a lucrative profit for it to be recognized as among the leading industry leaders in automotive production.What else is there to expect, after all, from a company that understands the balance created by equal thought and emotion? For those at Subaru Jared Goff Rams Jersey , then, constructing a line of products that run from a number of Subaru car parts or auto replacement components to tire pieces must entail high engineering performance that would ensure Subaru parts are not going to give anyone even the littlest bit of trouble, and that the designs should appeal to the tastes as well as whims of present consumers.

Japanese automaker Subaru showcased its commitment in World Rally Championships (WRC) with the presentation of the all-new 2008 Impreza WRX STI at the recent 2007 Los Angeles International Auto Show.

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