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MAIMANA , Afghanistan, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- About 10 militants were killed and four others wounded in Afghanistan's northern province of Faryab, a local official said Saturday.

Afghan forces conducted a military operation late on Friday in Almar district of the province, leaving 10 militants , including two local Taliban insurgents' leaders, Baluch and Mubashir dead and four others wounded, Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, spokesman of police 707 Pamir Zone based in the region , told Xinhua.

The strategic site of Bukhari Qala, which was under the Taliban control over the last several months have been retaken from the insurgents, he said.

The Taliban had not commented on the incident.

Fighting has escalated in Afghanistan as the Taliban insurgency spreads from its traditional strongholds in the south and east to the once peaceful region in the north, where the militants have been recruiting from among the youth.

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KIEV, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Ukrainian football officials will consider the proposal to reshape the structure of the country's senior soccer league Tony Parker Jersey , the Ukrainian Premier League press service announced Thursday.

The leadership of the Ukrainian Football Federation (FFU) and representatives of the country's top flight soccer clubs will gather on June 12 to decide on the Premier League reform, the press service said.

The suggestion, proposed by the Premier League leadership, envisages reduction of teams in the championship to 12 clubs from the current 16.

The squads in the league of 12 would have to play each other in two stages. During the first phase Tim Duncan Jersey , the clubs would meet twice to determine six winners and the same number of outsiders of the championship.

During the second stage, the league will split into two sections of 6 clubs each. The top six runners of the first stage would compete for the medals of the championship, while six outsiders will fight for a survival in the senior league.

Currently, 16 Ukrainian clubs meet at the Premier League twice a season Sean Elliott Jersey , playing one home and one away match.

The initiative to reform the Ukrainian Premier League came after two football clubs -- "Simferopol" and "Tavria" based in Crimea rejected their membership in the Ukrainian championship after peninsula's affiliation with Russia.

In addition, several teams are suffering serious financial troubles and mulling to quit their participation in the senior league.

So far, some soccer clubs, including Ukrainian champion "Shakhtar" and second-finisher "Dnipro" Rudy Gay Jersey , voiced their favor to the fundamental changes in the football league format.

However, some local sports analysts warned that the Premier League reform may reduce competitiveness of the Ukrainian league and hinder the ability of football clubs to attract world's leading players.

This is because healthy food contains all the ingredients required for healthy living. For overall happiness of the family health is very important. The recipes that are to chosen for preparation should help in maintaining strength and energy. The ideal recipes that could be added to finest quality food can be Asian food recipes. Ingredients play a major role in these kind of dishes. Asian dishes are very delicious, easy to cook and also economical. Natto vegetarian burgers are popular Asian food recipes made from vegetables. Some other recipes in demand among the Asian food recipes are the cinnamon roll, chicken pesto carrot roll etc.

Individuals are now choosing other modern recipe styles over Asian cooking recipe. A huge choice of delicious food recipes are included in Asian recipes. One can find many sites giving description of various cooking recipes that are dominant in Asia and also will get popular all over the world. The Asian food cooking recipes includes use of all healthy ingredients which will help in better health.

Also the ingredients used in this cooking are very economical and are available easily everywhere. In order to keep the body fit the ingredients having medical importance are used largely. Asia has originated garlic which are well known for their medical value. Treatment of coughs Pau Gasol Jersey , fevers, skin problems and other illness can be done by consuming them. It can also be used as a tool for maintaining low blood levels and also works as a great detoxifier. Besides this even other ingredients used for Asian cooking recipes contains medicinal products like honey, sesame oil, vitamins etc.

Also the oil use in cooking protects hearts and other body organs and also helps in maintaining good health. There are individual limit and measurement of each cooking recipes along with their unique taste. Also the recipes are very easy to prepare and do not take much time in preparation. The specialty of Asian food is that they can be used in all most all the social events which may help in removing the social barriers between races and also will help in reducing the work to some extent.

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