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Short Bowel Syndrome Market Research Key Players [url=]Cheap Joel Armia Jersey[/url] , Industry Overview and forecasts to 2024

Global Short Bowel Syndrome Market: Snapshot

Short bowel syndrome (SBS) refers to a disorder that occurs due to the malfunction of the intestine, leading to malabsorption. SBS can be an outcome of various underlying diseases or medical conditions that can cause resection of the intestine. Owing to this the nutrient processing areas in the intestine rendered dysfunction and can lead to dangerous infectious and metabolic disorders. The research report predicts that the global short bowel syndrome market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 30.4% to reach a valuation of US$2.6 bn by the end of 2024 as compared to be US$312.7 mn in 2016.

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The disease can be congenital or can be a result of underlying diseases such as Crohn鈥檚 disease, intestinal failure [url=]Cheap Connor Hellebuyck Jersey[/url] , tumors, injury or trauma to the small intestine. Necrotizing enterocholitis is observed to be the cause of short bowel syndrome amongst neonates and infants. The research report estimates that the postoperative complications arising out of vascular and obstructive anomalies, which need extensive resection have been on the rise. These complications have also been making a significant contribution to high prevalence SBS across the globe.

GLP-2 Emerges as Popular Drug Class due to Approvals in North America and Europe

On the basis of drugs, the global short bowel syndrome market is segmented into GLP-2 [url=]Cheap Michael Hutchinson Jersey[/url] , growth hormone, glutamine, and others. Presently, GLP-2 is leading the global market due to its wide presence in the U.S. and Europe. The GLP-2 drug [url=]Cheap Dustin Byfuglien Jersey[/url] , composed of teduglutide as the primary ingredient, is sold under the brand name of Gattex in the U.S. and as Revestive in Europe and other international markets. The other drugs available for SBS in the U.S. market are Zorbtive (growth hormone) and NutreStore (Glutamine). However, Revestive is the sole drug designed for specifically treating SBS. Owing to the specificity of these drugs and their wide availability in the regions, these drugs are expected to make significant contributions to the rising revenue of the global market during the forecast period. The drugs currently have an orphan drug status and thus enjoy drug exclusivity that has a growing pool of patients. Presently [url=]Cheap Nikolaj Ehlers Jersey[/url] , this drug has also reached phase III of clinical trials in Japan, which could open up several lucrative opportunities to treat adults as well as infants.

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North America Retains Lead due to Increasing Prescriptions for Gattex Therapy

In terms of geography, the global short bowel syndrome market is fragmented into North America, Europe [url=]Cheap Bryan Little Jersey[/url] , and Rest of the World. Of these, North America is expected to dominate the global market in the coming years. The increasing prescriptions for Gattex therapy in the U.S. is expected to be the key growth driver for the North America short bowel syndrome market. Furthermore, the fact that glutamine and growth hormone are only approved in the U.S. for treating SBS is expected to keep North America in the lead. The growing awareness about short bowel syndrome amongst consumers and excellent reimbursement strategies are expected to drive the regional market in the coming years.

The key players operating in the global short bowel syndrome market are Shire plc, Merck KGaA [url=]Cheap Jacob Trouba Jersey[/url] , and Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc. As of 2015, Shire held a whopping share of 50% in the overall market with its blockbuster drugs, making the competitive landscape fairly competitive. The other important players operating in the global market are Nutrinia Ltd [url=]Cheap Dmitry Kulikov Jersey[/url] , GlyPharma Therapeutics, OxThera, Ardelyx, Inc. [url=]Cheap Patrik Laine Jersey[/url] , Sancilio & Company, Inc., Naia Pharmaceuticals, and Zealand Pharma AS.

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Human Growth Hormone is mostly a natural hormone within most healthy people. Fantastic is comprised of the anterior anterior pituitary gland inside brain [url=]Cheap Blake Wheeler Jersey[/url] , directly behind up your eyes. Fantastic ‘s for development and growth for the people humans. Students are depending on fine for normal growth and once they become grownups it results in metabolic processes. Human Growth Hormone can be answerable for people growing taller, human growth hormone will help with other areas as an example human development. Human Growth Hormone have indicated to reverse muscle wasting in Helps patients. You can also find claims that Human Growth Hormone supplements will decelerate aging nevertheless it hasn’t proven.

Human Growth Hormone is manufactured through genetic engineering that may be a complex procedure. Before human growth hormone manufactured with pituitary glands from dead physiques and then processing it. These bodily hormones were then injected into human growth hormone deficient patients. Today Human Growth Hormone will not need to get that features a physician it’s available as nasal repellents and pills. Human Growth Hormone helps children grow normally as a consequence of an Human Growth Hormone deficiency that could cause their growth for being stunted.

Human Growth Hormone supplements are actually taken by sportsmen since it states build muscle and elevated stamina. Most marketers will often have you imagine that Human Growth Hormone could be the miracle treatment for various conditions. Many people discover these unproved claims and take Human Growth Hormone without medical supervision. This can lead to people suffering some unwanted effects without reaping helpful advantages from Human Growth Hormone whatsoever.

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