Homework on glass curtain divider shading


The energy-saving design of the building's perimeter structure will be interlocked by factors such as window opening, orientation, shading and insulation materials. These factors affect the energy consumption in the building. The Silaya Research Place of work in Taiwan has conducted research within the external protective structure connected with office buildings in Taiwan, and analyzed the vitality consumption of various elements belonging to the building's external protective framework. The analysis results are generally as follows:

1 The window opening rate belonging to the external wall is the most crucial factor for energy saving belonging to the external wall. Reducing the window beginning area ratio is the most crucial means of energy saving, but reducing the window opening rate also needs to ensure and proper organic lighting, and avoid the particular psychological closure. However, for your glass curtain wall in which pursues the transparency result, the energy-saving requirement may only be achieved by means of reducing the opening eyeport area and strengthening the heat-insulating design belonging to the opaque place.

2 External shading and tempered glass supplier shielding is also the second most important components for energy saving associated with external walls. Glass components and external shading many affect the shielding fee. However, the installation of sunrays visors and sunshade is a great deal more effective than changing your glass material. The glass material is often selected from high reflectivity reflective glass and heat absorbing cup (reflecting glass with too high reflectivity will cause glare pollution), so choose the proper reflective glass.

3 The building orientation factor is the third element of the energy-saving design from the external wall (accounting to get 13. 8%). A large part of glass curtain wall will need to avoid the east as well as west, and the long direction in the building should be put into a north-south direction.

Having shading measures is not just a necessary means for energy-saving design and style of glass curtain outlet buildings, but also a new necessary means for making design of high-standard magnifying glaas curtain wall buildings.

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