going to be pumped that you took the chance on starting

After an impressive Fantasy Football start for tight end, Jesse James, and a slow performance for Martavis Bryant, no one really knows who to trust on the Steelers roster.

For those fantasy owners who took the chance on Jesse James in Week 1, congratulations. You https://www.steelerspitzone.com/mike-matthews-jersey-c-56.html, my friends, are stronger than most. Because no one, no matter how big of a “fantasy expert” you are, saw a two touchdown performance coming from a tight end who was supposed to be replaced by Vance McDonald.

Then, there’s the other side of the spectrum. This side had much more victims than starting James. These are the “Martavis Bryant is going to blow up” Steelers fans. The return hopefuls that expect No. 10 to come back like he hasn’t missed a step.

Unfortunately, most of you were banking on a 10 plus point outing to give your fantasy team that extra lift but ended up using your WR2 slot for someone who had 1.4 points.

So now you’ve been staring at your lineup for two days trying to decide how you’re going to approach this week. Colin Holba Jersey While Bryant seems like a better option than your backup wide receiver of Golden Tate, and James might not be your top tight end, but it’s impossible to deny his Week 1 glory, you have no idea which way to go this weekend.

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Here’s the best advice – start both. While Bryant seemed like a bust Week 1, he wasn’t the only one. Everyone besides Antonio Brown, Jesse James, and Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t worth anything against Cleveland.

The Steelers offense looked like typical Pittsburgh. Playing down to their opponent https://www.steelerspitzone.com/christian-brown-jersey-c-57.html, throwing short passes that got nowhere, and making the game as close as possible just because. Well, against the Minnesota Vikings, there’s no room to play any less than perfect.

Bryant is a deep threat, and for some reason, Todd Haley completely forgot that in Cleveland. This week, expect Pittsburgh to force Minnesota’s hand in the secondary and push a few balls down field. Maybe he’s only good for three or four receptions, but you can almost guarantee at least two of them will be 25 yards or more.

Don’t look for anything more than 10 points from Bryant unless he breaks one for a touchdown, but either way, a solid 10 points is reliable in deeper leagues. If you only have 6 8 teams in your league, put him on the bench until he proves himself, but for those with equal or less talent on the bench, take a chance on Bryant.

James is a must start unless you have a top five tight end on your team. He proved he’s out to show the team and the NFL that he’s the Steelers tight end. Unless you have someone like Gronk or Travis Kelce sitting around https://www.steelerspitzone.com/francis-kallon-jersey-c-55.html, James is your best bet for touchdown looks.

He’s not going to catch many passes, and at times, it’ll be scary waiting for Roethlisberger to find him. But eventually, his 6’7 frame is going to be wide open in the back of the endzone, and you’re going to be pumped that you took the chance on starting him.

James is worth at least 8 10 points. Depending on how many times Pittsburgh is within the 10 yard line and looking to pass, he could be more towards 15 20.

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