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ust going to lie on the couch here Cheap Ryan Switzer Jersey ,鈥?he says. 鈥淩est up.鈥?/p>

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3:00 p.m.

Mahomes welcomes the NFL head coach to Texas Tech. They walk into a private room together.

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Mahomes impressed with his 68-throw script. Seahawks GM John Schneider and 49ers GM John Lynch were in attendance, as was Giants coach Ben McAdoo, making his lone appearance at a pro day this year. Mahomes overthrew four balls, but a scout in attendance said his command and timing on several throws 鈥?especially on deep Cheap Johnny Townsend Jersey , outbreaking routes 鈥?鈥渟howed me he has made great improvements. The footwork isn鈥檛 perfect, but he鈥檚 getting there.鈥?In reviewing the tape that night, Cabott and Mahomes see some room for improvement. He was so focused on the footwork, he wasn鈥檛 driving the ball as well as he could on some throws.

But there was one he perfected. Even though NFL evaluators were given a copy of the script beforehand Cheap Nick Nelson Jersey , there was awed silence as Mahomes stepped back for his final throw, the Hail Mary. There was no route-runner, but he hauled spiral perfectly into the end zone. Said the scout in attendance: 鈥淭here鈥檚 that swagger, which has always made him the most intriguing prospect.鈥?/p>

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