1. first router cable connected to the computer (note that the cable should connect the computer connected to the Huawei Mdu Onu Ma5633's LAN port, a LAN port can be arbitrary, but not connected to the router's WAN interface, this interface is used to access the broadband bus, ADSL telecom equipment, or to pull the cable connected for example) based on TP-link R402+ router configuration as an example. (other types of router configuration methods are similar in principle)

Web in 2. to open the browser address bar enter the router IP address management, most routers default IP are or, generally on the router label or instructions are explained in detail, really do not know, can search the Internet a router model, generally it is easy to find. After opening the router configuration page, a landing window will appear. The password is required to enter the account. The default account number and password of the general router are all admin. (management address and account password different routers may be different, you can refer to specific instructions or check the Internet search router models)

3. successful landing of the router web management page, to configure the router.

&ldquo &rdquo find; network parameters;

open “ network parameters of --LAN port settings, ” here is the set of router IP address and subnet mask, if ADSL broadband, here must be the default router IP address to other IP. Because the default IP of the ADSL device is generally, the IP is conflicted when the router and the ADSL device are connected. So before the ADSL device is connected to the router, the best will be the default IP address router to the outside, such as (of course, different devices may not the same IP address), change the IP address, the router may need to restart, restart again after landing web management page, will enter a new IP address. For example: specific settings please see the following Icon:

&ldquo then open; Huawei Sfp Onu Smartax Ma5818network parameters of --WAN port settings, ” this is the way the Internet settings etc.. We are talking about ADSL broadband, so we should choose the PPPoE mode. Please look at the following specific settings Icon:

MAC address on cloning: many routers now have this feature. The MAC address is the physical address of the network card. The popular card is the identity card of the network card. The NIC in the world has unique MAC address. The IP address of the NIC can be set to the same IP, but the MAC address is never the same. The MAC physical address of each network card has been fixed at the time of out of the factory. So nowadays, many operators will use MAC address to filter or bind them in order to prevent a wire from connecting multiple computers, so that only a legitimate MAC address can access the network. That is to say, only this network card can surf the Internet. Other computers should be different for the network card, and will be shielded or filtered by the system. In order to allow different network cards to be able to access the Internet. The MAC clone is used here. Although the MAC address of the network card is unchanged by default, it cannot be changed, but we can modify it by special means to achieve the means of forgery MAC address. Specific MAC cloning or modification methods, you can look up the Internet.

: Here we use a router to share Internet access, a router is equivalent to the computer we had a cable connected to a computer, but also have the MAC address of the router, but only because the original computer network card MAC address is legal, so it doesn't have access to the Internet, so we must use the router the MAC address cloning, the router's MAC address cloning into the original Internet computer network card MAC address. The specific method is: the &rdquo can connect to the Internet; legitimate computer connected to the router, the router “ open management page, and then find the address of the MAC clone, and then click the &rdquo MAC address, “ cloning; you will find the MAC address of the router into the computer MAC address. Specific settings as shown in figure 4.:

after the above settings, basically the configuration of the router is over.

the following configuration:

open &ldquo local connection; local connection - &rdquo, find the &ldquo attribute; Internet; ” protocol (TCP/IP), here is the set the local IP address, DNS server connection etc..

IP address in the same network and router. For example, the router's IP address is, then the IP here is set to 192.168.1.XX (the last set of numbers is only 1 and 2, because 1 and 2 are routers). The subnet mask is generally default, and the gateway should be routers IP address. For example, our router IP is, then the gateway here was:

DNS server address: DNS we can choose to automatically or manually enter the DNS distribution, the local server address.

before setting, I want to talk about the response sequence of general DNS, because the local primary and secondary two DNS, in the same connection, the router has preferred standby two DNS. So what are their priorities?

order is this: local connection preferred DNS----> local connection standby DNS (shown in Figure 2, we will use as the preferred DNS is invalid, will use the standby DNS). And Huawei Smartax Ma5620 Epon Gpon Onu DNS, no matter whether the two DNS in the local connection is invalid, is ineffective.

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