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Zhang Xiaolan holds her patent at her family's home in Xinyang Matthew Stafford Jersey , Henan province, September 24, 2017.

Zhang Xiaolan, an 18-year-old girl from a village in Henan Province has invented a system which automatically switches a vehicle's lights between high and low beams, which she's now been able to patent.

Coming from an underdeveloped rural area of Henan Ziggy Ansah Jersey , Zhang Xiaolan's family doesn't even own a car.

"My dad has poor eyesight due to an industrial accident, so it's unsafe for him to walk at night," Zhang Xiaolan explained, "He gets blurred vision when a car's lights are on high beam."

Out of her concern about her father's safety, Zhang decided to improve the way car headlights work Ameer Abdullah Jersey , beginning her project during her second year in high school.

"Convex lenses, light screens and photoreceptive circuits are used to judge the brightness of a car's headlights," said Zhang Xiaolan. "Two cars equipped with this device are able to switch automatically from high beam to low beam when they meet head-on."

The automatic auto high-low beam switcher Zhang Xiaolan invented gained a patent from the State Intellectual Property Bureau in August, 2016.

A manufacturer from Guangdong Province has already requested Zhang Xiaolan allow her product to be used in their vehicles.

Zhang Xiaolan is not resting on her one invention. She has enrolled in Jilin University.

"Given there are more opportunities at university, I'd like to make more inventions in the future Barry Sanders Jersey ," said Zhang.

Khalifa Rashed Alshehhi, first prize winner, gives a theme speech during the final of the 10th "Chinese Bridge" the Chinese Proficiency Competition for foreign secondary school students in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on Sept. 25 Lions Kids Jersey , 2017. The 10th "Chinese Bridge" the Chinese Proficiency Competition for foreign secondary school students in Dubai was held here on Tuesday. Khalifa Rashed Alshehhi and Mariam Ahmed Alkhoori claimed the title. (XinhuaSu Xiaopo)

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When it comes to the relevance of economy and industry analyses for equity investment decision, the concept of economy-industry-company framework of fundamental analysis has to be studied in detail. The fundamental analysis is useful during the course of efficient market set up. The logic of fundamental analysis; however Lions Youth Jersey , becomes crystal clear once the chemistry of earnings is understood in proper form. The fundamental analysis is useful for equity investment decision.

In the fundamental approach, various attempts are made to analyze the various fundamental or basic factors that affect the risk return of the securities. Effort, here, is to identify those securities which are perceived to be mis priced in the stock market. The assumption in this case is that the market price of the security and the price as justified by its fundamental factors called as “intrinsic value” are different and the marketplace provides an opportunity for a discerning investor in order to detect such discrepancy. The moment such a discrepancy is identified, the decision to invest or disinvest is taken.

The decision rule under this approach is as detailed below:
If the price of a security at the marketplace is higher than the one which is justified by the security’s fundamentals Lions Womens Jersey , sell that security. This is because, it is expected that the market will sooner or later realize its mistake and reduce its price. Therefore, before the market realize its mistake and price the security properly, a deal to sell this security should be struck in order to reap the profits. However, if the price of that security is lower than what it should be based on its fundamentals Black Lions Jersey , it should be bought before the market corrects its mistake by increasing the price of security in question. The price prevailing in the market is called as the market price and the one justified by its fundamentals is called as intrinsic value.

The fundamental factors mentioned above may relate to the economy or industry or company or allsome of them. Thus, economy fundamentals, industry fundamentals and company fundamentals are considered while analyzing the security for taking investment decisions. In fact the economy-industry-company framework forms an integral part of this approach. This framework can be properly utilized by making suitable adjustments in a particular context. The use of analytical framework does not guarantee a correct decision. However, it does guarantee an informed and considered investment decision which may be better as it is based on relevant and crucial information.

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