Black hole According to a definition from NASA

BERLIN Rashard Higgins Jersey , Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- Hamburg climbed out of the relegation zone thanks to a 2-1 win over Mainz while Frankfurt defeated Bremen with four second half goals at the closer of the 14th round in the German Bundesliga on Sunday.

Hamburg earned vital points at the relegation battle as the "HSV" snatched three points on the road against Mainz, who wait for a win since six games.

Struggling Hamburg took over from the kick-off considering their alarming position in the standings meanwhile Mainz implemented a wait-and-see strategy.

However, opportunities remained a rare occurrence until the half hour mark as Cleber Janderson Pereira Reis broke the deadlock for the hosts. The Brazilian defender capitalized on a failed clearance attempt by Mainz's Nikolce Noveski to unleash an unstoppable effort to give Hamburg the lead at the 32nd minute.

After the restart Mainz started where they left off by defending deep in their own half whereas Hamburg remained in control of the proceedings on the pitch. Thus, Hamburg doubled the lead nine minutes into the second half when Rafael van der Vaart converted a controversial handball penalty into the bottom left.

The 2-0 lead for Hamburg made the game safe although Mainz reduced the lead out of the blue through Shinji Okazaki in the dying minutes of the game.

With the fourth win of the season Hamburg climbed out of the relegation zone onto the 13th position whilst Mainz slipped to the 11th place.

Elsewhere, Frankfurt moved into the touching distance of the top six as they crushed Bremen 5-2.

Frankfurt took the reins after the start yet they had to wait until the 34th minute when Alexander Meier utilized a rebound from the woodwork to tap in from very close range.

Bremen posed absolutely no threat during the first half although they restored parity against the run of the game when Theodor Gebre Selassie headed home a corner kick just before the interval.

The "Eagles" remained unimpressed and grabbed the 2-1 lead seven minutes into the second half as Haris Seferovic slotted home a cross to the far post by Takashi Inui.

Frankfurt kept the pressure as Alexander Meier made it 3-1 on the scoreboards to seal his brace and to defend his top position in the goal getter standings with 10 goals from 13 games. H The hosts made use of their momentum extending the lead to 4-1 as Stefan Aigner got his name on the score sheets. Bremen were able to reduce the lead to 4-2 out of thin air when Luca Caldirola was on target to spark hopes. Nevertheless Trevon Coley Jersey , Marc Stendera rounded off the 5-2 victory when he destroyed all hopes of a comeback by Bremen moments later.

Frankfurt jumped to the 7th place, just two points adrift of the international business, whereas Bremen slump onto the second last position of the table.

Film poster for Interstellar. Worm hole mode for space travel. Still photo of "tesseract", a five-dimensional space, in the movie Interstellar. The black hole as seen in the movie Interstellar is said to be the most scientifically accurate black hole envisaged on film.

Interstellar has been a big hit since its release in China on Nov 12 Randall Telfer Jersey , 2014. Like a violent gust of wind, the film has swept every corner of China, as people everywhere are heatedly debate conceptions like space travel, worm holes and five-dimensional space that the director Christopher Nolan has conveyed. No other movie had ever succeeded in creating such a mass science fiction hit like Interstellar, nor did last year's blockbuster Seth DeValve Jersey , Gravity, manage to do that.

Nolan's film is inclined to puzzle the audience. Just like his previous film, Inception, it's quite difficult for audiences to understand what messages the director is really conveying. This time, Interstellar is no exception. It remains as a puzzle for many audiences even after seeing the movie. With the famous astrophysicist Kip Thorne as one member of the creative team Jason McCourty Jersey , the film is based on solid scientific theory foundation, but is unfortunately too obscure and abstract for common people to understand.

Here we list five keywords that you must learn for you to better enjoy the film.

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an epigram that is typically stated as: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. In a broader prospect, it can be understood as that whatever can happen, will happen. In the film, Murphy is the name of character Cooper’s daughter. Somehow JC Tretter Jersey , it implies that the girl is doomed to solve the equation of gravity and rescue the human race.

"Lazarus" mission

According to the Bible story, Lazarus was a friend of Jesus Christ. The man died from an illness, but Jesus raised him from the dead. In the film, the "Lazarus" mission was a NASA project to save humanity. It sends spaceships into a wormhole in hope of finding a habitable planet for mankind. Upon hearing the name for the mission, Cooper asks another character Kevin Zeitler Jersey , Professor Brand, "Why Lazarus?" He replies,"Lazarus came back from the dead." On that, Cooper jests, "Yes Danny Shelton Jersey , but he had to die first."

Black hole

According to a definition from NASA, a black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying. Kip Thorne said weird things happen near black holes. Their gravity is so strong that they bend light and pull space and time with it.

For example, in the movie, the planet Miller is under the strong influence of the black hole Gargantua. As a result, it causes gravitational time dilation Shon Coleman Jersey , that's why they say one hour on the planet Miller is seven years back on earth. Meanwhile, the tidal force is able to create large waves due to the gravity of the black hole.

Worm hole

A wormhole, also known as an Einstein–Rosen bridge, is

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