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PHNOM PENH [url=]Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond España Comprar[/url] , Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday ordered experts to thoroughly look into the case of mass HIV infections in a remote commune of northwestern Cambodia and called on the public not to panic over the incident.

"Up to this hour, I still do not believe that such mass HIV infections could happen, it is unbelievable that 106 out of about 800 villagers were tested positive for HIV," he said during a graduation ceremony of students at the Royal University of Agriculture.

"We should not hurry to conclude that they were infected with HIV; it needs to look into the case thoroughly," the prime minister said, ordering experts to double-check HIV testing devices for their accuracy.

"It is a story that is hard to believe, but it is serious if the mass infections are a true story [url=]Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond España Baratas[/url] ," he said.

Hun Sen appealed to all the people across the country, especially to the people in the area where the incident took place, not to get panicked.

Hundreds of residents in the Roka commune of Battambang province have flocked to have their blood tested for HIVAIDS at a health center since Dec. 8 after report of the mass infections emerged, Hei Sik, head of a local HIVAIDS test program in the commune, said.

As of Wednesday, 775 villagers had been tested for the virus and 106 of them were confirmed positive for HIV [url=]Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond España[/url] , he said, adding that the HIV-positive people are aged from 3 years old to 82.

According to Hei Sik, villagers suspected that the mass infections were caused by an unlicensed doctor, who might have used contaminated medical tools such as needles to inject different patients.

The provincial police said the suspected doctor had willingly came to the police station on Wednesday for questioning after escaping following news of mass HIV spreading.

Hun Sen has ordered the police to protect the safety of the suspected doctor and his family to avoid from being killed by angry mob.

"The doctor is the track of evidence for an investigation into the case. If he is killed, the investigative track will be gone," he said. "His safety is very important to find out the real cause of the incident."

Cambodia has seen a success in reducing HIV infection rate over the last decade.

The prevalence rate of HIV infections steadily declined to 0.4 percent among the general adult population in 2014 from 2.5 percent in 1998, according the National AIDS Authority.

Currently [url=]Adidas Prophere Trace Olive Hombre España[/url] , the Southeast Asian nation has some 73,733 people living with the disease.

Owning a parrot as a pet can be very worthwhile, and offer fantastic company, and all the fun of coaching it to talk. When they are capable of talk and say a number of phrases they could provide such fun and amusement. Parrots are gorgeous elegant birds and have such radiant colorations they can really add colour to any property.

It’s best to guarantee that the cage in which the bird lives is acceptable, and as distinct as the bird itself. The cages are on offer in a range of sizes and prices which is best to select one that the parrot will fit into as well as have ample space in, which will clearly determine the cost. The cages must not have sharp tips or items which could do harm or injury to the parrot, and also this includes several of the goods that it is possible to place inside the cage [url=]Pharrell Adidas NMD Hu Trail Trail Hombre Blancas España[/url] , such as, swings, bells and so forth. The main doorway to the cage should also be investigated to verify they also do not have sharp components, and likewise big enough for the parrot to get in and out as well as you to be capable to clean the cage out. Also make certain that there’s a smaller sized door so your parrots water and food dishes can be filled up, emptied and cleaned out.

Because there are quite a few diverse parrot breeds each will need its distinct degree of care. And also this expands in to the nutrition and diet plan. A parrots diet is going to influence their health and development very similar to humans, they have to have necessary nutrient elements and vitamins. Usually parrots will consume a great deal of fruits and greens, specialist parrot food or seed products [url=]Pharrell Williams Adidas Tennis HU Hombre Multicolor España[/url] , and fresh water daily. You can also provide your parrot with natural and organic foodstuff, as just as before like humans consuming a nutritious well balanced diet may also have an affect on emotional behavior, mental as well as emotional well being as well. Its crucial that you be sure that your parrot is happy with the foods that you are providing them with so trying new things in small doses will tell you if they do or not. You can also find that a great many of the food items now produced can be found in quite a lot of flavourings, and some individuals have noticed with their own parrots that while they might like consuming one kind of food they can alter their choices.

Attempting to keep your parrot properly looked after does not have to be tough. Aquiring a nicely sized parrot cage will surely help, and so will the very best parrot food. To get more tips on taking care of your parrot, have a look at ultimateparrotcareguide.

PRAGUE, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Felix Kandie from Kenya and Yebrgual Melese from Ethiopia won the men's and women's race of the 21th Prague Marathon held here on Sunday.

Felix Kandie won the race with 2:08:32 and Yebrgual Melese won with 2:23:49 on Sunday.

Results:` Men's:

1. Kandie [url=]Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Marina Multicolor Hombre Marina Azules España[/url] , Kenya, 2:08:32

2. Chebet, Kenya, 2:08:50

3. Robie, Ethiopia, 2:09:05

4. Assefa, Ethiopia [url=]Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Hombre Negras España[/url] , 2:10:01

5. Ronoh, Kenya, 2:10:52

6. Chemungor, Kenya, 2:12:09


1. Melese, Ethiopia, 2:23:49

2. Moreiro [url=]Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Hombre Blancas España[/url] , Portugal, 2:24:49

3. Haylayo, Ethiopia, 2:25:24

4. Rono, Ethiopia, 2:26:31

5. Bekere, Ethiopia [url=]Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Supreme Negras Rojas España[/url] , 2:26:55

6. Moges, Ethiopia, 2:27:20

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